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How Much Will This  Be Worth To You?


How valuable is your dream job?



I wrote the article for my friend and that was published under his name.

He was able to do exactly the same thing and secured himself a new job.

His new employer had also been very interested in his published article.

My friend had no doubt about the ‘kudos’ of owning the published article I had given him.

He said that he felt it was the secret ingredient that gave him ‘extra charisma’


 Over the years I have helped hundreds of people secure the job of their dreams.


Publishing Network

I have been able to build up literally thousands of contacts into my publishing network across a multitude of business types and industries.

A Team of Writers

I also have a team of dedicated expert writers who can write professional specialist articles for any subject, topic or niche.

What Does This Mean For You?




What Does This Mean For You?



Can you see the power and impact of having your own published article?

Owning a powerful ‘accolade & accomplishment!’

An article reference that you can add to your own CV or Resume

Think about this giving you the edge you deserve

Projecting you above the crowd of other applicants




How This Will Work For You


We will help coach you and discover an ideal idea we can develop for you.

We will ghost write your article for you.

It can be on a topic connected to your work or one connected to a hobby or interest.

Here Is The Power of This Strategy

The power with this strategy comes from the fact the article is ‘officially’ published and …






…instead of being published in just 1 magazine,


Your article will be full page featured, referenced and published …


 In Over 300+ of The World’s Top Industry, Media & News Sites!

You will take full ownership of the article and the publicity it obtains.

Instant kudos and positioning as a quality candidate.


Your CV and covering letter will jump out at potential employers.

You will take full ownership of the article and the publicity it obtains

Instant kudos and positioning as a quality candidate


Your CV and covering letter will jump out at potential employers



You can also expect to Google your name and article title

Then see it pop up in the search listings




Experts say make your CV intriguing

This clearly fits that citeria

confidence is instilled


Instill Confidence

Think for a moment about the confidence this will give you.


No more awkward silences or flustered replies

You have a standout achievement to talk about and you can be confident you have the evidence to back it up.

No more fears about what to say when you are asked the question

“Tell me more about yourself”

Interviewers are looking for that extra dimension that makes you stand out!



Once you have this, you own it for the rest of your working career 

An achievement that takes pride of place on you CV or Resume


It Is Time For You To Make A Choice

How much is a job worth to you in the current climate?

What worth do you place upon securing a job sooner rather than later or maybe not at all?

Do you think employers will offer you the best rate of pay because you are the candidate they wish to secure?

One with initiative and drive.

One of proven independent value?

Over the course of your career this could be worth many thousands of pounds or dollars to you.

Only you can decide if you see the value of

  • having a professional quality article published in your own name
  • that is referenced and recognised in the world’s top industry, media and news sites
  • that you can then reference and connect to in your own CV or Resume


Is Ignoring This An Option?

You can of course ignore this opportunity to invest in yourself and your career.

We all know the jobs market is cut throat at this time.

Ask yourself, is hoping you will somehow get a job

while ignoring the excellent advantage and edge this will give you

the smartest move you can make?

Yes Please – Secure My Dream Job

Imagine Getting Headhunted For Your Next Role!

We have had candidates who have used our service and later on actually get headhunted for new positions.

Based upon the strength of their positioning.

The perception that is created about them.

Someone who stands head and shoulders above the rest for their chosen role.


When your chatting at your next social gathering and work comes up, you will easily drop this into the conversation.

People will all be asking you how you did it?

Only you will know why it puts a smile upon your face.

drop this into a conversation

Step Into Your New World

If you would like to step into your new world, then let’s make the first steps together.


Click the button below to be taken to our online calendar.

You can then book a quick 15 minute chat and we can discuss if our package will meet and be suitable for your specific needs and if you will be a good match for our service.

Remember that the power of what we offer lies in the authority, value and expert positioning we can offer in our partner network.

Yes Please – Secure My Dream Job


PSThis is the secret ingedient that will transform the effect of your CV or Resume. Once you have decided this is for you, the results will be available within days and you can begin using this immediately.

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