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Times are tough.

The jobs market has just taken a massive hit.

Competition for jobs is extreme.

There is now an over supply of candidates for every job and

the situation is the same in almost every country.


300 jobs applied for

Job prospects are expected to get a lot worse before they get better.

What if you are

  • young?
  • lack experience?
  • have experience but still can not secure a job?

Maybe you feel

  • too old and
  • fear being overlooked?
  • experienced but know something else is lacking

I have great difficulty with applying and if successful getting through interviews for jobs.

I’ve been stuck in a job I hate for years because I’m terrible at job interviews.

I get really nervous and never know what to say. After ten consecutive rejections, I just gave up

What if there was a way you could make yourself stand out?

  • Look better than 99% of candidates
  • Give yourself an edge
  • Give yourself a superior position compared to other candidates?

Perhaps …there could be a way to guarantee that you will make a great impression even before you get called for the interview?

You would want such an advantage, wouldn’t you?



It’s hard watching friends and family climb up the career ladder and you feel stuck in a rut…


Now of course you will still need to have a good CV and generally be a good candidate (and I can point you in the right direction with that) but this will give you a secret advantage.

(This is not about how to write your CV but rather about what to ‘include’ in your CV. A unique way to massively boost your chances giving you the best possible advantage).

Once I tell you what it is, you will  know that if another candidate has this and you do not, they will be in front of you for consideration of the position.

Now the great thing is that this is something I have developed to give you a very specific unfair advantage.

Very few other candidates will know or be aware of what I provide.

The chances of another candidate having the same advantage as you will be close to zero.


Think about it for a moment.

Getting hired in today’s economy is the difference between you living a normal life and feeling the depression of being unemployed.

A life where you can have your lifestyle choice and pay your regular bills.

Look after your family.

The fact is you need to be earning money.

‘No job’ is a bleak future.


Will things ever return to normal?

How long might it take?

1 year? 2 years? 5 years?

That is why it is vital you secure this advantage now while I still have spaces available.

The service I offer is very personal and takes time to prepare.

Once I fill my current spots I may not promote this offer again for many months.

Let me add one other thing

This is something that you will be able  to retain for the rest of your working  career should you wish to do so.

Many of my clients see the value in this immediately.

They then decide this is a strategy they will be adopting much more frequently.

There is one simple reason for that.

It makes them more valuable as an employee.

21 Interviews and no success


Why does this make you more valuable?

It can help you to be seen and perceived as someone ‘special’.

One other thing is this.

You may well find yourself actually getting headhunted.

Imagine that!


Your employer’s will be aware of this.

Employers always want to retain employees perceived as having ‘kudos’.

It looks good for their business and it looks good to their customers.

The next step

Let me be honest with you.


Just like an employer considering the candidates.

It is time for me to filter out those who do not qualify.

This is not for everybody and I appreciate that.


This will involve you making an investment in yourself.


Before you do that you will have a ‘no obligation’ opportunity to see the full details in the next step.


If that does not sound like it is for you, fine.

Thank you for taking the time to read what is on offer.


Still With Me?

If you are still with me and if this sounds like the impact you would like to make, please take the next step.


I will explain exactly what it is that I will do for you and why it is so powerful to have as a friend

in your job hunting quest.

No obligation

To have a ‘no obligation’ look at putting this into your career arsenal, please click or swipe through to the next page. (No registration required)


Jane Parker

Click Next To Progress

Click Next To Progress


Next I will show and explain exactly how it works.

Specifically how it will give you an unfair advantage in your job hunting journey.

Here is to you obtaining your own unfair advantage.

Securing your next job.

Moving your career forward and into the next chapter.

‘You Got The Job!’


Click To Get More Details

Click To Get More Details



  PS – This is a ‘no obligation’ opportunity to see the full details on offer in the next step

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